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The Delicate Balance

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

It's hard to start...anything, let alone something so personal as a website/blog/business card that should be my face to the world. What is that one thing you can say that is so special but not cloying, extraordinary yet not weird, revealing yet not creepy? There is no magic or technique one can apply that always has the alchemy for success. One can only be oneself. Most people can see right through those who are faking it. We accept such behavior because we believe we must. To call someone on it in public is humiliating. In private, it's too personal. And maybe we're afraid of being discovered ourselves, too afraid to let our own mask slip, lest we be made vulnerable to the outside world.

So what to do?

I can only promise this, dear reader: coming here will be worthwhile. I will let my mask slip to reveal the person underneath. Why? Because there lies credibility. Only those who are willing to expose themselves can show you why something matters. And that it what I always hope to achieve with my work. I want to expose universal truths. I want people to FEEL why something matters. Logic and facts are not enough. Your clients, yourself, must emotionally experience the truth of what you're saying, what you're selling. Otherwise, it's all cold ephemera, meaningliss and trashable, gone in a breath or a media cycle.

So many more truths to come. Stay tuned.....

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