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Grew Bear Media was established in 2017 under the leadership of Jonathan Groubert. Jonathan is an award-winning international journalist, trainer and was one of Europe's first podcasters. These days he makes branded podcasts for the likes of BNR Nieuwsradio and KLM. He teaches  journalism at the Radio Netherlands Training Centre and at the University of Groningen. Jonathan is an award-winning journalist and former host of the internationally lauded public radio show “The State We’re In” first from Radio Netherlands and then for WBEZ Chicago Public Media.  His work has been broadcast by the BBC, NPR, the  Australia Broadcasting Corporation and Deutsche Welle as well as the podcasts Vox Tablet and Snap Judgment. An expert interviewer, Jonathan helped coined the term “talkumentary” in which interview and narrative combine to tell truly powerful stories. Ira Glass described Jonathan as “one of the best radio interviewers I have ever heard.”

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