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GBM on PRI/BBC/PRX Brexit!

What the....! That's a lot of acronyms.

Finally did a Brexit Story for PRI's The World. This show is broadcast on 300 stations! Who knew? Actually, PRX's John Barth knew, so he asked me to pitch.

We all knew Brexit was expensive but it turns out a TRILLION DOLLARS worth of assets are fleeing the UK for the EU. A whole bunch of them are coming to the Netherlands including the big catch, the European Medicines Agency (the Euro-FDA). I forced a newly minted Irish expat to Amsterdam to say that most spectacular of Dutch tongue twisters. Say it with me: achtentachtig prachtige grachten or 88 beautiful canals. You can hear how that sounds below. Try it at home.

Helps if you get a good head of spit up before you start.

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